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Complex Security

This is NOT a security complex as we do not have a guard on duty 24/7. Glen Donald is considered a controlled access complex.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep all gates and entry doors locked and secure at all times, The Homeowners Association cannot guarantee your security. The best security measure is to exercise care and caution for the protection of yourself and your property. Never leave the front door propped open and unattended. There is a special spring action in the door to keep it latched. Please do not wedge objects in the jamb near the lock or hinges to prevent the door from locking. Also, do not over-rotate the door when opening it.
2. Please exercise caution at all times when allowing visitor’s admittance to the Building. Do not let strangers or solicitors walk in behind you unless you are sure they have a legitimate reason to enter. Workmen, contractors, solicitors, and strangers should be able to identify the party who will authorize their admittance. When in doubt insist that they remain outside and use the intercom to gain entry. This is to avoid burglary and other crimes within the units as well as common areas.
3. If you witness vandalism, theft or other suspicious behavior please report it to the On-Site Manger, Property Management Co. and the police department.