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President's Message

Sevan your President....

I'm Sevan, and I have had the privilege of being the board President for the Glen Donald Condominiums. 
We are always working to keep the Glen Donald a beautiful, safe, and smart place to choose to live.  To achieve this the board concentrates on pro actively maintaining and improving the facility, and takes a clear and responsible approach to decision making.  
As you explore this new website note that once registered any owner now has the ability to easily access necessary documents, view  financials, etc. Moreover to make this a truly useful tool for those of you who rent your units, or are seeking to market one for sale, that function has also been added to the site.  
In addition to the board of directors of the building we contract with a full service management company, and they have assigned a certified community manager (Diane Lortie-Dudasik) who oversees the day to day operation of our property.
We are also fortunate enough to have a highly competent and dedicated part time on-site manager (Gloria Gomez) who maintains the complex in outstanding condition.  She works closely with Diane our community manager, and oversees the daily maintenance of the building and grounds, and coordinates with our regular tradesmen and contracted workers when they are on-site to insure all work done meets her very high standards.

I hope to see you all at the board meetings, and around the building.

Yours truly,
HOA President